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26/01/2016 Main

Hey guys, how was your Christmas and New Year? Mine was pretty awesome. Had loads of family and friends visit from across the world and was totally the opposite of last year (which was really rubbish). We had so much fun, drinking a lot of whiskey and Guinness! Sore heads for a lot of folks, was worth it though. Managed to bag myself a bit of spare cash as well for the ride so I think it’s high time that I got myself a new PC to play all my favourite games on. Haven’t upgraded for a number of years so I can’t play a lot of the games released in 2015 and early 2016. Time to change all that though with hopefully a beast of a machine.

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Is now the time to purchase an SSD?

10/12/2015 Main

Is now the time to purchase an SSD?

Hey I’m back, you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve picked up my new Tab S2 and its working like a dream. There is a definite improvement from the previous model and I’m not gutted that I didn’t buy the iPad Air 2 instead so that’s good thing. Anyway, moving on from tablets, I’d now like to focus on desktop PC’s. My old desktop is still going strong but the hard drive does seem to be lagging a bit lately and it might now be time to invest in a replacement. The main hard drive in the PC at the moment is SATA and although the SATA drives are better than the old IDE one’s I used to own, I’m still very wary that any day they could just give up and I’d lose all the data that I’ve took years to accumulate. It wouldn’t be the first time. I do try to keep a back-up these days of the most important stuff but it would be nice to have piece-of-mind. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2

03/12/2015 Main

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 vs. iPad Air 2

Like I mentioned in my opening post, I’m currently trying to decide on one of the two above models of tablet. As always, the question is, do I go Apple or do I go Android. I bought the Samsung Tab S when it first came out and its treated me very well over the last 18 months give or take, but as my sister has been waiting to get into the tablet world for some time and I fancy an upgrade, I kind of promised her my old tablet as a kind of Birthday/Christmas bonus s it’s still in good nick. Read more


Blog Intro

28/11/2015 Main

Hey, my name’s Geoff McQuiggan, I’ve started this blog primarily because I’m currently on the market for a tablet and wanted to make sure I didn’t regret my purchase. I’ve checked out a couple of tablets and I think I know which ones are on the shortlist but I might need a little help. If you can give me your input then great, it would be much appreciated.

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